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Boasting a lively nightlife scene, Singapore is one of the best cities in Asia for staying out late and after-dark escapades. The city-state is home to 13 of Asia’s 50 best bars (according to Drinks International magazine), 38 Michelin-starred restaurants and one of the top dance clubs in Asia (according to DJ Mag). Singapore’s night scene caters to just about every type of visitor: from sophisticated foodies, seasoned clubbers and party goers, jazz and live music aficionados, headbangers and karaoke lovers, to art connoisseurs, history buffs, trendy hipsters and families with kids. There are festivals throughout the year with many offering evening and night cultural experiences, and there is a wide range of other after dark activities happening in the following popular nightlife precincts, from top theatre performances and live music to comedy shows, cruises and tours.

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