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5 buildings in Singapore
dripping with history

Amid all the shiny new skyscrapers, we've (thankfully) still got a couple of history-rich buildings left standing. Here are five iconic buildings worth visiting, and the stories behind them. 

The Arts House

Built in 1827, it was originally the private residence of a Scottish merchant, before it was taken over by the colonial government. This was also Singapore’s first Parliament House but has now transformed into a vibrant events space, offering audiences a broad range of arts and culture programs since it opened in 2004. 1

Address: Old Parliament Ln., 6332-6900, S(179429). MRT: City Hall.

Fullerton Hotel

This hotel began life in 1928 as a multi-use building, housing the General Post Office (now the classy Post Bar which retains the original high ceiling and wall motifs) and the exclusive Singapore Club, along with other administrative and government bodies.

Address: 1 Fullerton Square, 6733-8388, S(049178). MRT: Raffles Place.

Lau Pa Sat

It comes as no surprise that one of food-crazy Singapore’s most iconic colonial structures is this hawker center in the Central Business District. This food market dates all the way back to the 19th century and has managed to retain its distinctively Victorian cast iron features and unique octagonal shape over the years.

Address: 18 Raffles Quay, 6220-2138, S(048582). MRT: Downtown.

Old Hill Street Police Station

The curiously colorful building has more than 900 windows with brightly painted shutters and houses government ministries and an art courtyard. Up until the late 20th century, it was known as a place where the Singapore Police Force worked to clamp down on Chinese secret societies.

Address: 140 Hill St., S(179369). MRT: City Hall.

Raffles Hotel

Built in 1887 and named after modern Singapore’s founding father, Sir Stamford Raffles, this is another must-visit hotel even if you’re not staying there. Apart from luxurious suites that have hosted royalty like Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, there’s also a charming theater, a beautiful courtyard, a shopping arcade and a museum showing the hotel’s history.

Address: 1 Beach Rd., 6337-1886, S(187673). MRT: Esplanade.

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